Hi Everyone!
For those of you who are visiting my page for the first time, welcome! I hope that together, we can help each other lead a life that is healthier, more balanced, more confident and more creative.

I'm Danielle and I have started this blog to share my love and fascination for three things that have greatly improved my life:
– Working out and staying fit
– Experimenting with various dishes that are both healthy and tasty
– Beauty, fashion and everything girly

In the areas of Diet & Fitness, I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. One day I hope to become a certified personal training so I can help others fully to accomplish their health and fitness goals.

As for beauty and fashion, I've always believed in putting your best foot forward, whether you're at the gym or at the office. I hope to share my style tips and also learn from you too!

From the age of 11, I have been interested in fitness. My earliest attempt at fitness was me doing 15 sit-ups every half hour to get abs. There wasn't much information available to me at the time and hey, I was way too young to be worrying about that stuff. I was always a slim girl, not skinny or fat. When I started the 8th grade, I was so upset that I had gained 11lbs in a year that I decided to eat healthier and get fit. By then I had a computer and internet access so I did as much research as I could. I started a fitness program, waking up a early as 3:15 am so I could work out and be ready in time for school. I also committed to eating healthier, cutting out soda, drinking more water, eating more protein and cutting back on refined carbs. After about 3 months, I had lost 9 lbs. You would think I'd be happy but I wasn't. I didn't feel the way I thought I would. I didn't feel more confident or empowered and it was going to take me a few years before I realized that confidence had nothing to do with what the scale said. 

After that, my relationship with food went downhill. Fast forward to my college years, my first year wasn't easy. At the end of my first year, I had gained 15 lbs and was miserable. Something had to change. I changed my poor eating habits, became more active. By the end of school, I had lost more than 20lbs. Losing weight and keeping it off wasn't easy but decided to share my passion by starting a blog.

This is your space!
This blog was created for both you and myself to learn, share and be motivated to be healthy and be more balanced. I welcome your questions or comments and would very much like to hear about your own personal journey. I promise that I will personally read and answer every question that you have for me.


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