Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Kick I Needed!

So I've recently decided that I am going to embark on a fitness and wellness lifestyle change. It wasn't because I wanted to lose much weight or anything but because I realized that I was lacking energy and had become dissatisfied with food (either I'm always craving something usually unhealthy and when I do get, I'm still not satisfied). I reasoned it must be because I'm not really eating food that nourished my body, but just junk, or empty calories. No wonder my body kept craving something. So I knew I had to do better (as if the fact that I studied nutrition in college wasn't reason enough).

Having arrived to that conclusion, of course I know taking better care of myself included not just my oral fixation but also my activity level. I know exercise does a bod wonders but, much like eating fruits and veggies and getting check up from the physician, I overlook it until things get bad and its time for damage control. Yah! So exercise for me has always been sporadic than routine. The longest I've stuck to a routine is three weeks. I always come up with excuses that I'm too tired after work, I don't get enough sleep at night to sacrifice half hour in the mornings...and the list goes on. But last night, thanks to my lovely and fit roommate, I got the kick I needed. I was getting ready for bed when she noticed as she said, "Yuh gettin broad deh tho, Dee!" This she meant as a compliment since a little junk in the trunk is always good. She confirmed what I was feeling. Sure she tried to allay my fears of weight gain but regardless of whether I had gained weight or not, I knew I needed to get serious about my eating habits and fitness. No more excuses!

So this morning, with much effort, I dragged myself out of bed this morning and did thirty minutes of cardio while I cooked. At first, the routine kinda dragged but about 15 minutes into it I started to remember why morning workouts are so good. I felt more invigorated and pleased with myself that I actually made the effort. I really enjoyed the fact that there was minimal distraction, just peace and quiet (outside of my panting and grunts). Needless to say, I will be striving to make this routine. Wish me all the best!

P.S. Another plus: I'm in a great mood!!:D Con: Forgot morning workouts equals damp hair :-/

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