Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exercise Move of the Week

Jab/Cross Combo

Almost everyone wants a tight anf flat tummy. That's probably why the mid-section tends to receive the most attention during most workout routines. But instead of looking at the abs as a singular set of muscles set apart from the rest of our body, we need to see it as a whole - the core of the entire body. More specifically, your abs and back work together to stabilize and support the body. To get the smokin' abs everybody wants as well as toning your back, arms and legs, try the jab/cross combo which I swear by!

Step 1: Start off with you left leg in front and you right let behind, slightly turned out. Bend the knees slightly. Raise your arms to shoulder level, making fists. Your elbows should be down, protecting your ribs (pretend you're in a boxing match).

Step 2: Jab straight ahead while slightly lunging forward. Pull back without dropping the arms. Never lock the elbows but extend your arm with each jab.

Step 3: To cross, you pivot the rigth back leg to the left, extending the arm and back. For the most benefit, be sure to turn your body. Move with the hips. This is where your core really becomes engaged. Jump to switch sides.

Do 25 reps and you're on your way to flat and sexy core and a toned upper body!

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  1. Thanks Femme. The explanation is working on my conscience. I think I might do a few!!