Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: La Femme Blushes

What are they?

These are professional blushes that have been used by pro makeup artists for years. They come in high-intensity colours that are said to last for 12 hours and able to withstand harsh, hot lights and long hours. Blushes come in matte and shimmery shades as well as in a wide variety of colors (try 40 plus colours) to fit any and everyone. Whatever you’re skin tone, there’s a blush for you.

Ok, so you absolutely won’t believe this! Like seriously! You would not even be able to guess this price of one of these blushes. Cheaper than even drugstore or cheapie makeup, one La Femme blush costs USD $3.00. That’s right! These so-called MAC-quality blushes are smaller than a MAC blush but the colour pay-off makes you hardly even notice because you get so much with just a swipe.

These blushes can be purchased from Makeup Mania. You can purchase single pots or create a 6-palate or 12-palette set (like I did). You have the option of also naming your palate. When you receive the palate, it contains a paper inside with the name of your palette along with the names of the each blush. 

From top to bottom: Peach (matte), Terracotta (shimmer), Russet (shimmer), Sienna (matte), Golden Sunset (shimmer), Redwood (shimmer)

From top: Mandarin Red (shimmer), Brick Red (shimmer), Stormy Rose (matte), Magenta (matte), Bordeaux (shimmer) & Purple Passion (matte). 

Favourite colours:

Golden Sunset
Brick Red


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  2. I don't particularly like using blushes. Just too much colour on my face. I lean more towards bronzers.

  3. You don't have to use bright colours. That's the great thing about La Femme Blushes. There are so many colours to choose from, subtle to dramatic. There's something for everyone.