Sunday, May 12, 2013

Product Review

Eco-Styler Protein Gel

The wash n go’s has been my go-to style for the past few months and up until now, I have been loving it. After trying a few different gels such as World of Curls, I finally got my hands on the infamous Eco-Styler. I was looking, in particular, for the Olive Oil version but, in my desperate state (World of Curls was just not doing it for me), I bought the only one I could find which was the clear version.  This version definitely lived up to its name as it kept my curls defined for up to five days. Whereas with other gels, I’d have to do wash n go’s every two days to maintain a similar look. Needless to say, I was glad to have found a product that would save me some time in the mornings.

I was pretty much a spokeswoman for the brand to everyone I came across who inquired about my hair. That is until I ran out and the only other Eco-Styler I could get my hands on was the Protein version.  When I thought Eco-Styler could do no wrong…

After applying to my hair, my hair felt drier even though its alcohol-free. It was almost as if it had a moisture neutrailizer which nullified the softness and slip I’d have after applying my leave-in. My guess is that it’s the protein contained in the gel. I’ve read other reviews where people have given it good reviews but I personally am just not satisfied with how it makes my hair feel. What I also notice is that it leaves a grainy residue in hair, making it feel rough.  Not a good buy for me.

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