Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bodytech Protein Powder Review

Protein, one of three macronutrients, is essential to health and well-being. It supports our muscles, bones, skin, hair and almost every tissue in our bodies. Without it, we experience muscle wasting, growth failure, decreased immunity and weakening of the heart and respiratory system. Here in the U.S., the recommended daily allowance of protein is 46 grams per day for women over the age of 19 years. Some nutritionists, though, are now arguing that such recommendations are too low. However, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, up to a third of women between the ages of 20 and 40 don't consume the amount set by RDA.

Why such low consumption? For one thing, protein foods aren't as convenient as carbs and fruits. How often do you see someone pulling out a plastic baggie with steamed fish or chicken breast?  If you do, its often fried. Second, they're higher in calories so many who are trying to lose weight, usually go for low calorie options like veggies and fruit. 

But there's no need to be afraid of protein-rich foods. Numerous studies have shown that a diet high in protein does wonders for weight loss. That's because protein takes more work to digest, metabolize and use - more work means more calories being burned. High protein foods also take longer to leave the stomach so you have the sense of fullness and satiety for longer. 

So how do you meet your protein needs and speed up weight loss? Protein powders have long been a staple in the body builder's regimen but its becoming even more popular among the health-conscious. Not only do protein powders claim to provide ample supply of protein but many are low in sugar (simple carbohydrates), come in variety of flavors and provide versatility. 

So with all the hooplah, I decided to give the protein powders a try. Vitamin Shoppe had a massive sale a few months ago so I purchased two 5-pound containers of Bodytech Whey Tech Pro Protein Powders. I got the French Vanilla and Strawberry flavors (I really wanted Vanilla for versatility but it was sold out). I've been using these powders almost everyday and this is my experience with these products.

 Bodytech Whey Protein
French Vanilla
Has a mild after taste
Tends to clump if you mix it over heat
Goes just fine with my oatmeal and cereal
Has an after taste that cannot be disguised no matter the number of ingredients you add
Worse strawberry flavor I've had so far
Experience less soreness when I include it in post workouts
No digestive issues with this product→

Great cost, got it as a BOGO sale item, less than $100 for two 5-lb whey protein powder, can you say STEAL?→

This product provides 17g protein per scoop (100 calories) which is pretty good for the price→
 This line provides 24g per scoop (110 calories). Can't complain

Would I buy this product again?

I absolutely `would. Besides the mediocre taste and minor blending issues, its good protein for your buck (I'll make sure to get the vanilla next time).

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