Sunday, February 8, 2015

7 Hacks To Make Drinking Water More Fun!

Yes, its been drilled into our brains so many times: Water is really really really, no I mean, seriously good for you. But then again, so is getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. So how does one turn something that feels more like a chore into an experience that is both enjoyable and tasty? Keep reading for my tricks I use to make myself actually like drinking water.

Spa Day
Spas often use cucumber slices to help reduce swelling and puffiness around the eyes. But that's not the only thing cucumbers are good for. Adding cucumbers to your glass of water is both refreshing and good for you. Nutrients found in cucumbers help to reduce your risk for high blood pressure and cancer. Trying to put on muscle?  Cucumbers contain silica which is important for healthy muscles and better overall health.

Its Tea Time!
Black tea cotains catechins and flavonoids that help to improve cardiovascular health and may help to improve cancer. Green tea helps to lower heart disease risk, lung cancer risk and helps you to lose weight. Try sage tea to help with excessive perspiration, chamomile tea for blood pressure, digestion and gas and ginger tea (my favorite) for soothing stomachache and arthritis.

Staying hydrated during the colder months can be a challenge for me. One thing I do to keep myself hydrated, while getting a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, is by including more broths and soups to my diet.

Herbal Water
You can enjoy the benefits and flavor of herbs without the hot beverage by adding powered or sliced ginger, bruised mint leaves or lemongrass to your next glass of water. Lavender and rose hips are also another great option and are loaded with vitamin C.

Go Fruity!
Yes, lemon and lime have been the go-to fruits to spice up water but don't limit yourself. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, mango and oranges can do the trick too. Next time you have a glass of water, try adding ice cubes of frozen berries that allow flavors to release slowly in your water.

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